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Highlights of the month

La disparition de Josef Mengele
Olivier Guez
Grasset, 2017

In 1949, Josef Mengele, former SS doctor at Auschwitz, flees to Argentina, where he is protected by friendly networks and family money. But his pursuit is taken up again, led by the Mossad and then by the Nazi hunter, Simon Wiesenthal. Seeking refuge in Brazil, he is isolated, consumed by anguish and is forced to run from hideout to hideout. In 1979, he dies by drowning on a Brazilian beach.

ISBN : 978-2-246-85587-3
Price : 18.50 €
L'art de perdre
Alice Zeniter
Flammarion, 2017

At the same time that France is undergoing a crisis of identity, the writer comes to question her Algerian origins, of which she knows nothing due to her family’s painful silence. She then takes up the story of successive generations both in France and Algeria. Winner of the “Prix des libraires de Nancy” and the “Journalistes du Point 2017” as well as the “Prix littéraire du Monde 2017.”

ISBN : 978-2-08-139553-4
Price : 22.00 €
Nos richesses
Kaouther Adimi
Seuil, 2017

In 1935, Edmond Charlot, 20 years old, opens a bookstore in Algiers with the intention of promoting young Mediterranean writers without regard to language or religion. In 2017, Ryad, also 20 years old, a student in Paris, couldn’t care less about literature. While visiting Algiers, he is tasked with emptying a shop of its books, a task that is oddly complicated by the surveillance of the elderly Abdallah.

ISBN : 978-2-02-137380-6
Price : 17.00 €
Les Français de Moscou et la révolution russe
1900-1920 : l'histoire d'une colonie étrangère à travers les sources religieuses
Sophie Hasquenoph
Champ Vallon, 2017

At the beginning of the 20th century, the French inhabitants of Moscow constitute a dynamic and well-integrated colony. The revolutionary crisis of 1905 and then the First World War weaken this now fragile population, who then, as victims of expropriation, famine and the strikes and arrests of the Red Terror in 1918, finally turn to emigration.

ISBN : 979-10-267-0613-7
Price : 27.00 €
Dictionnaire Gustave Flaubert
dir. Eric Le Calvez
Classiques Garnier, 2017

A comprehensive dictionary treating the major strands of both the author’s life and work that also includes examination of the technical aspects of his writing.

ISBN : 978-2-406-06031-4
Price : 56.00 €
le rire en musique
dir. Muriel Joubert
Presses Universitaires de Lyon, 2017

Contributions from musicologists, sociologists, anthropologists and literary critics on laughter as sonic content in music and on its esthetic meaning in various genres from opera and contemporary music to rap.

ISBN : 978-2-7297-0918-1
Price : 20.00 €
Raisonner sur les blés
essais sur les Lumières économiques
Steven Laurence Kaplan
Fayard, 2017

A historian examines the economic developments that marked the century of Enlightenment through the study of the means of production in the grain industry. He addresses issues of wealth, subsistence, government, international relations, law and the role of individuals as well as the interplay of moral and market economies.

ISBN : 978-2-213-67116-1
Price : 35.00 €