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Highlights of the month

Coquelicots d'Irak
Brigitte Findakly & Lewis Trondheim
L'Association, 2016

The story of B. Findakly, colorist and wife of L. Trondheim. Born in Iraq in the early 60’s to an Iraqi father and French mother, she spent her childhood in Mosul, and then in exile in France in the early 70’s. The story recounts her daily life and the bureaucratic, social and cultural obstacles in the life of an immigrant.

ISBN : 978-2-84414-628-1
Price : 19.00 €
Jean Giono
le non-lieu imaginaire de la guerre
Edouard Schaelchli
Eurédit, 2016

A revised version of an earlier thesis, this study examines the letter written by Jean Giono in 1938. Beyond the pacifist message that it espouses and its historical significance, E. Schaelchli analyzes its place in the body of the writer’s work and brings forward the uncertainty and contradictions that it reveals.

ISBN : 978-2-84830-211-9
Price : 119.00 €
Ce que dit Charlie
treize leçons d'histoire
Pascal Ory
Gallimard, 2016

From secularism to a state of shock through freedom of expression, thirteen articles offer keys to the interpretation of the attacks against Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper Cacher market, as well as the republican solidarity marches which followed, illuminating the political, historical and geographical dimensions of these events.

ISBN : 978-2-07-011433-7
Price : 15.90 €
La République à l'épreuve des peurs
de la Révolution à nos jours
dir. Lisa Bogani
Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2016

A history of the French Republic and the role that fear plays in its elaboration, whether as an obstacle, a questioning, or a driving force in the establishment of its values and practice. The contributions from this colloquium examine the links between the discourse and the strategies of fear, as well as the resulting exclusion from civic life that it can create.

ISBN : 978-2-7535-4953-1
Price : 22.00 €
Anguille sous roche
Ali Zamir
Attila/Le Tripode, 2016

Prix Senghor du premier roman francophone 2016
Somewhere in the Indian Ocean, a young woman is drowning. Her strength is failing but her mind, like an animal’s arching back, resists : in a last burst of life and rebellion, the drowning woman draws us in to the story of her life.

ISBN : 978-2-37055-094-1
Price : 19.00 €
Petit pays
Gaël Faye
Grasset, 2016

Goncourt prize finalist 2016 : Burundi, 1992. Gabriel is 10 years old. He lives in a comfortable expatriate neighborhood with his father, an entrepreneur, his Rwandan mother and his little sister, Ana. While the young boy anxiously watches his parents’ separation, civil war is brewing and in wave after wave, violence invades his neighborhood. First novel.


ISBN : 978-2-246-85733-4
Price : 18.00 €
Le garçon
Marcus Malte
Zulma, 2016


Prix Fémina 2016
The boy has no name and does not speak. An almost wild boy, his world encompasses his mother and their hut. In 1908, he discovers the inhabitants of a village, Brabek and Emma, and then war, the pinnacle of human folly. This novel sketches the itinerary of a naïve soul awakening to consciousness and living through experiences sometimes tragic, sometimes comical.


ISBN : 978-2-84304-760-2
Price : 23.50 €